Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Stage 5 Cling On

Since returning from Vegas (which was THE best) Gracie has been extra clingy.......

At home, I walk around with her permanently attached to my leg. At day care she clings onto me like a wet noodle when I try to leave. At bed time, which is usually an easy routine, she asks to be picked up atleast two more times for more rock a byes or more books. I can't even use the washroom alone.

I have read that seperation anxiety is a normal thing at this age. Leaving her for four days definitly brought this upon us and I hate that she feels so anxious about me leaving her. I feel terrible every morning now when I take her to day care. But the teacher assures me everyday that the tears stop as soon as the door closes behind me.

She has been even more clingy due to her scraped up knee (she keeps falling on again and again) and her 18 month vaccinations (went very well with no side-effects).

I'm not complaining though.... I do love those big hugs and wet kisses..... and now I don't have to beg for them ;)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hello Vacation

I am going away. Baby free. With some awesome chicks. This weekend.

I have never spent a single night away from Grace, so this is going to be something new for the both of us. I also haven't been out much since having Grace (ie. Never)......so what better way to pop my anti social bubble than Las Vegas? I am beyond excited. I feel like a little get away is just what I need right now.

But to be completely honest I also feel nervous. My idea of fun has changed since having Grace. Fun is going to the park, running in the grass, chasing the trains as they go by. Do I even know how to have fun anymore? Do I even know how to talk to adults anymore? Am I going to spend the whole time wondering about Grace? Am I going to drink one glass too many of pink Moet and cry because I miss her so much?

She will be in the loving care of my own mother so I know there is no need to worry about her. She probably won't even miss me as much as I miss her, and that is a good thing. I guess it's just a mother's curse to always worry.

So here's hoping that I have a fun vacation, get a nice tan, don't cry too much about missing my daughter, and that Grace is well behaved for my mother. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

It's May already?

May means that summer is just around the corner and I am more than excited to spend my second summer with Gracie. It also means it's my wonderful momma's bday, so Happy Bday Momma xoxo

I'm making a list of things I want to do and places I want to go with Grace this summer. Any other suggestions are welcome :)

1. Less work, computer, and phone
2. More play, cuddles, and adventures
3.Toronto Zoo
4. The Island
5. Gramma and Grampa's house
6. The beaches
7. High Park
8.Visit old friends and new family
9. Buy a BBQ and use it every weekend
10. See fireworks
11. Have a campfire
12. Build a sandcastle
13. Save money

July 25 update : I have scratched off a couple things from my list. 5 weeks left of summer!